Zip Code 91436 Overview


  • The average worker works 40 hours a week in 91436.
  • The poverty rate for 91436 is 5.0%.
  • The median worker income in 91436 is $63,650.
  • As of the last census, the 91436 unemployment rate of 5.3% was better than the 7.9% national average.
  • Typical commute times differ throughout the zip code. However, overall 46.0% of works commute under 25 mins daily, 34.9% commute 25-45 mins, and 19.1% have a commute greater than 45 minutes.


  • 79.1% of homes are owner occupied and 16.9% are rented.
  • For homes with mortgages, owner costs average $4,001/mo.
  • The median number of rooms a home has is 7.


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Cities with Zip Code 91436