Zip Code 10036 Overview


  • The median worker income in 10036 is $51,171.
  • 10036 workers work 44/hrs per week on average.
  • 10036 has a poverty rate of 13.6%.
  • At the time of the last census, the 10036 unemployment rate was 8.9%.
  • Typical commute times differ throughout the zip code. However, overall 50.6% of works commute under 25 mins daily, 36.9% commute 25-45 mins, and 12.5% have a commute greater than 45 minutes.


  • The typical home has 3 rooms.
  • $3,735 a month is the typical owner cost for a home with a mortgage.
  • 9.5% of homes are owner occupied and 77.1% are rented.


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Cities with Zip Code 10036